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Leaders across the financial news spectrum—from CNBC to Fox Business to Yahoo Finance—turn to Mark Tepper and the experts at Strategic Wealth Partners for savvy insights on market changes, legislation, retirement planning, and more. In the clips below, Mark and the team from Strategic Wealth Partners share their knowledge live, on air.


Closing Bell: Interest Rate Data

Mark Tepper talks interest rates and what he thinks the Federal Reserve will do. Watch below: Read More


Closing Bell: Market Anomaly

Mark Tepper discusses why this September has been different than the past. Watch why below: Read More


CNBC: Beyond Ridiculous

Mark Tepper talks about Beyond Meat (BYND) and why he would rather go to Vegas than own this stock. Find ... Read More


CNBC: Magnificent Microsoft

Microsoft has been heading higher. Mark Tepper discusses why, and if you should own Microsoft (MSFT) in your portfolio. Watch ... Read More


CNBC: Stock Market Catalyst

When investing in the stock market, it is important to understand what catalysts are ahead. Mark Tepper talks about what ... Read More


Trading Nation: Disney Land

Mark Tepper discusses why he would be a buyer of Disney (DIS) stock on this pullback. Find out the reasons ... Read More


World Wide Exchange: Recession Around the Corner?

Mark Tepper talks about how the stock market is reassessing whether a recession is right around the corner. Find out ... Read More


CNBC: Is it Time to Buy Lululemon?

Mark Tepper discusses why Lululemon (LULU) is a leader in the retail space and offers growth, but the valuation is ... Read More