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Leaders across the financial news spectrum—from CNBC to Fox Business to Yahoo Finance—turn to Mark Tepper and the experts at Strategic Wealth Partners for savvy insights on market changes, legislation, retirement planning, and more. In the clips below, Mark and the team from Strategic Wealth Partners share their knowledge live, on air.


CNBC: FANG soaring

With the FANG stocks on the rise, Mark Tepper explains why he likes Amazon. Read More


CNBC: Small caps lagging

With small caps lagging large caps this year, Mark Tepper explains the proper positioning late in the cycle. Read More


CNBC: Apple continues upward

Mark Tepper explains why he thinks Apple has more room to run as they transition to a services company. Read More


CNBC: Fed’s dovish turn

Mark Tepper talks the Fed and how to invest in a slow growth environment. He specifically likes the homebuilders here. Read More


CNBC: Apple upgrades

After a series of upgrades, Apple is rallying. Is it sustainable. Mark Tepper thinks so. Read More


CNBC: GE rebound

Mark Tepper believes investors should stay away from GE and focus on companies with growth. Read More


CNBC: Industrials outlook

Mark Tepper believes that there are pockets of opportunities within industrials despite their lagging performance this month. Read More


CNBC: Facebook selling off

Mark Tepper prefers Google over Facebook in the digital ad space and explains why. Read More