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CNBC: Fast Money – UPS or FedEx?

Mark Tepper says FedEx has a much more attractive valuation, however, he doesn’t want to own either of them ... Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Snapchat: Buy the breakout?

Mark Tepper says SNAP is struggling to attract the 34+ crowd with big pockets, so he prefers Twitter (TWTR). Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Fake Meat

Beyond Meat (BYND) has a cult-like following and isn’t any healthier than real meat, says Mark Tepper. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Netflix Miss: Buying Opportunity?

Mark Tepper says there is a lot to look forward to at the back half of the year but there ... Read More


CNBC: S&P Multiple Expansion

Mark Tepper says multiple expansion has taken the market higher and we need to see earnings takeover, however, he sees ... Read More


CNBC: Netflix Catalyst

Mark Tepper is looking at subscriber additions, guidance, and projected free cash-flow burn in Netflix’s earnings results. Read More


CNBC: Trade Impact on Tone of CEO’s

Mark Tepper says corporate earnings are going to be much more important than a 25 basis point rate cut from the ... Read More


CNBC: Top Performers Walmart & Costco

Walmart is right at all-time highs, but Mark Tepper thinks there’s room to run. Read More

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