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CNBC: Fast Food Frenzy

Wendy’s brought back spicy chicken nuggets, but Mark Tepper discusses why there is value elsewhere. Find out which fast ... Read More


CNBC: Small Cap Death Cross

Mark Tepper discusses why small-cap stocks tend to underperform in the later innings of long secular bull-markets. Read More


CNBC: Bull Market Still Intact

Mark Tepper discusses the fed, the consumer, and how you should be positioning your portfolio. Watch below: Read More


CNBC: No Reason to own Tesla Stock

Mark Tepper discusses the upcoming problems Tesla will face with the future of the automotive industry. Watch below: Read More


CNBC: Delta Airlines Ready to Fly

Mark Tepper discusses why Delta Airlines is the best company to own in the industry. Read More



How should you position your portfolio within FANG? Mark Tepper discusses winners and losers within the group. Read More


CNBC: S&P 500 Third Quarter

Mark Tepper discusses the stock market’s third quarter and what we can expect for the fourth quarter. Find out ... Read More


CNBC Fast Money: Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Mark Tepper discusses his take on what an impeachment process would look like for the stock market. Watch below: Read More

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