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CNBC: Financials lagging

Financial stocks are still below their 2007 peak. Are any worth a look? Mark Tepper likes Morgan Stanley. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Final trades

HubSpot makes businesses more efficient and profitable and Mark Tepper likes them. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – FDA resignation

Mark Tepper likes Constellation Brands as a diversified way to play cannabis. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Transport troubles

Mark Tepper believes that the worst-case scenario is priced into FedEx and there’s upside potential. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Recession warning

Global growth fears are worrying investors. Mark Tepper believes you’ll see a rebound. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Bull intact

With the Fed on the sidelines, Mark Tepper believes the market will rally. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Auto trouble

With financing costs increasing, Mark Tepper likes the auto parts retailers as a solution. Read More


CNBC: Fast Money – Final trades

Mark Tepper likes TJX as a play on the cost-conscious consumer. Read More

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