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Closing Bell: Amazon Last Chance Trade

Mark Tepper discusses why the Amazon Bull Thesis hasn’t changed. Watch his pitch below: Read More


Closing Bell: Whopper vs. Big Mac

When it comes to breakfast, McDonald’s is eating Burger King’s lunch. Mark Tepper discusses where you should be ... Read More


Closing Bell: Political Noise

In the short-run, political headlines drive volatility. Mark Tepper discusses why it’s different in the long-term. Watch below: Read More


Closing Bell: Apple Sentiment

Mark Tepper discusses why Apple sentiment is at a decade low, but execution could take it higher. Watch below: Read More


Closing Bell: Trade Deal and Earnings Recession

Mark Tepper discusses why the upcoming earnings season is important and monetary policy from the Fed. Watch below: Read More



How should you position your portfolio within FANG? Mark Tepper discusses winners and losers within the group. Read More


CNBC: S&P 500 Third Quarter

Mark Tepper discusses the stock market’s third quarter and what we can expect for the fourth quarter. Find out ... Read More


CNBC Fast Money: Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Mark Tepper discusses his take on what an impeachment process would look like for the stock market. Watch below: Read More

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