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CNBC: Time to ditch one of the best sectors?

Consumer Discretionary may have seen its best days. Mark Tepper, CFP® talks HOG and TIF on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Retail rally for real?

Mark Tepper, CFP® provides his take on CNBC and discusses M and JWN. Read More


CNBC: Tech comes out on top.

The tech sector has led the way in 2018. Will it continue? Mark Tepper, CFP® discusses on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Would you rather Amazon or Netflix?

Netflix and Amazon hit record highs. Which has more upside? Mark Tepper, CFP® makes his pick. Read More


CNBC: Four Dow Stocks making a major comeback

After the market pullback, four stocks have completely rebounded. Which should you consider? Mark Tepper, CFP®, explains. Read More


CNBC: Bargain Shopping?

Mark Tepper, CFP® analyzes 3 stocks that are in a correction on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Home Depot getting beaten up

Is now a good time to buy? Mark Tepper, CFP® provides his take on CNBC. Read More

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